Residential Treatment

At Alive Recovery, we can help locate the right level of treatment our clients require.  Everyone deserves a compassionate program for alcohol and drug abuse.  Generally, residential treatment is the best pathway for addressing immediate, long-term recovery needs.

A residential treatment program allows clients the opportunity to stay inspired throughout the recovery process through healing, acquiring and maintaining a healthy diet, one-on-one and group counseling, steps in rebuilding self-confidence and preparing them for reintegration.

Alive Recovery will choose a residential program to help clients during and after the detox phase.  This level of treatment will set clients up for success if they encounter vulnerable hurdles throughout the process – the right treatment center will help carry clients over those hurdles toward recovery.

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Generally, a residential treatment program will have the following multidisciplinary team members:

  • Board certified psychiatrists
  • Master degreed social workers
  • Nursing team
  • Dieticians
  • Recreational staff members
  • Spiritual guidance, if requested

A residential treatment program permits clients to focus on themselves without interference from the “outside world.” This type of setting and commitment is essential for so many individuals during the healing process.

At times, removing a patient from the addiction environment they were in is the most important step towards achieving an abuse-free lifestyle.


Alive Recovery wants its clients to “love their lives,” and by doing so, a residential treatment program helps tailor this goal through the following:

  • Build essential bonds with doctors and team members
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Self-reflection and milestone goal settings
  • Identify drug abuse and alcohol triggers
  • Learn tools to remain substance abuse free
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Following residential treatment is reintegration.  And the relationship and communication established during the program can then transcend to family, friends and the community.

Alive Recovery will locate a safe, peaceful, and comfortable residential treatment facility which will promote healing.  Our company has access to the most regarded facilities around the country.

Rest assured, clients can trust Alive Recovery to find them a customized and tailored program.


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