Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)


At Alive Recovery, we have located the very best intensive outpatient care programs (IOP) for clients throughout the nation.  IOP serves a special niche for clients who require care, but not equivalent to the needs of a residential treatment program.

The goal of an IOP is to assist clients who are still active in their daily lives, but helping them recover from drug and alcohol abuse.  The “intensity,” is what makes it different from its traditional outpatient care counterpart.

IOP is highly comprehensive while offering a tailored approach to each individual. Likewise, it involves a higher level of professional presence and care.

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The efficacy of intensive outpatient care programs encompasses the following:

  • Experienced and licensed professionals championing the program
  • Structured format with meeting a few days or nights per week
  • Addressing the origins and triggers of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Understanding and learning the tools required for long-term sobriety

IOP typically requires an obligation of at least six to eight weeks. A longer commitment, however, will help clients achieve optimal results.

Following IOP, those championing the program will determine the next steps of a client’s needs which may include IOP continuance or further therapy recommendations.

IOP has redefined client care and the options are endless.


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