Employee Assistance Program

At Alive Recovery, we help businesses and staff members find a treatment program which specializes in Employee Assistance Programs. Rest assured, Alive Recovery will locate treatment where employees will receive personalized attention and tailored care. The goal is to find a program to help individuals reverse their addiction and/or mental health challenges.

And of course, privacy, comfort, and security are also on the healthcare roster.


Understanding Employee Assistance Programs

Every day, individuals struggle with alcohol abuse and drug addiction. As time goes on, it may begin to negatively impact their work productivity.

Employment Assistance Programs are specifically created to help people deal with personal circumstances which begin to spin out of control. In cases of addiction treatment, it can be offered to help individuals while still ensuring their employment.

Today, employers have arrived to the realization that helping a staff member in need is both the right thing to do for business, as well as an important ethical step.


The Role of Employee Assistance Programs

In essence, an Employee Assistance Program accomplishes the following:

• Offers employee education and ongoing training
• Implements confidential records among its staff members
• Provides drug addiction and alcohol abuse counseling
• Supports any need for residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment programs

While employees receive the treatment they need, invariably, a strong positive message is sent to the individual that their company cares about their well-being. Overall, company morale will increase.

Likewise, once treatment is completed, the Employee Assistance Program will ensure that individuals receive the proper after-care they need and deserve. A part of promoting sobriety success is ensuring that “after-care” is in place to achieve those goals.


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