Drug Abuse

For those who have a drug addiction, the many repercussions of the abuse may be problems at home, school, work, and relationship hardships.  Neglecting responsibilities and risk taking is also on the drug abuse roster. At times, this addiction can leave someone feeling as if they are in complete solitude.

Alive Recovery understands how drugs can have a powerful hold over someone.  While some addicts make an earnest attempt to stop, they oftentimes fail.  Those who have a drug addiction need a helping hand and Alive Recovery is there.


Symptoms of Drug Abuse

While various drugs have a different side-effect, addiction symptoms are incredibly alike.  Here’s a helpful checklist to gauge if someone is involved with drug abuse.  This checklist can also be helpful to loved ones and friends.

They are the following:

  • Over time, the drug tolerance increases and more of it is needed
  • Drugs consume an addict’s life — all they can think about is when they’ll have the drug again
  • Drugs are used to avoid or minimize physical withdrawal symptoms
  • A feeling of powerlessness overcomes the user and they’ve lost control of drug use
  • Continue to abuse drugs even though it’s hurting the person physically
  • Disconnected with family and the friends before the drug abuse
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed

Stopping drug abuse on one’s own is incredibly difficult.  When plagued with drug addiction, professional help is needed.

Alive Recovery can help clients “love the life they once had” through sobriety.


Treatment For Drug Abuse

Alive Recovery has partnered with adept treatment centers in the country; and, these state licensed facilities offer programs to help clients live the life they were meant to have.  Their programs have helped thousands of individuals live a sober life once again.

Generally, a residential program’s team members include a physician, psychiatrist, master degreed therapists, 24-hour nursing team, counselors specializing in addiction, dietitians, and other professionals.

Alive Recovery realizes the in-depth research in drug abuse treatment.  It only partners with facilities that are proficient in understanding how the addiction affects a person neurologically and psychologically.

With each passing year, more research on drug addiction is revealed allowing health professionals more valuable information into addictive behaviors and the disease behind it. Through this, they can initiate more cohesive evidence-based treatments.

An example of this treatment plan may include:

  • Implementing an individualized and tailored treatment
  • Initiating a detox process, when recommended
  • Implementing an integrative team of staff members
  • Recognizing a dual-diagnosis
  • Educating the client on drug abuse
  • Conducting individual therapy
  • Conducting group therapy, when recommended
  • Introducing activities such as exercise
  • Presenting holistic therapies such as yoga and massage
  • Preparing continuing care before and after reintegration
  • Conducting family therapy, when recommended
  • Locating support groups before reintegration

Contacting Alive Recovery is the most important phone call one can make.


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