Alive Recovery realizes that detox is an essential piece to the recovery puzzle. With that said, we have partnered with only the best state licensed facilities in the country for their adeptness in safe and exceptional detox from alcohol and drugs.

Clients no longer need to worry themselves with how “detox” used to be.  Today, medical advances have minimized the physical discomfort of the withdrawal process.

Trained doctors and nurses will tailor a detox program for each client to decrease these initial detox symptoms, ensuring that each person is comfortable and relaxed.


An overview of a detox program includes:

  • Assessing a patient’s medical health and background information
  • Determining the time length of the alcoholism
  • Evaluating what drugs were abused and duration of the addiction
  • Anticipating and addressing any addiction symptomology
  • Deciding what medications and medical protocol will be used for the detox
  • Monitoring the detox progress
  • Offering medical and clinical recommendations throughout the detox to ensure success

Generally, detox may take anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Each individual is different in their detox needs.

Once detox is officially completed, patients will feel renewed and invigorated, ready to move forward in the next step of the recovery journey.


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