Adolescent Treatment

Alive Recovery understands the sorrow of parents whose teens have a drug or alcohol addiction. Parenting often presents its own unique set of challenges, but if an adolescent succumbs to alcohol abuse and drug addiction, Alive Recovery is here to help.

Alive Recovery has partnered with the best licensed facilities in the country for adolescent treatment programs.  Locating results-driven programs have enabled teens to address multilevel internal conflicts within a safe environment.

Such an environment enables adolescents to conquer the triggers of the addiction and embrace the recovery journey.

While each treatment facility differs, they employ a multidisciplinary team such as a board certified psychiatrists, advanced degreed social workers, therapists specializing in addiction, nursing team, dieticians, educational team, and recreational staff members.


Like an adult, each adolescent requires their own tailored care. At Alive Recovery, we can pinpoint the right treatment program such as:

  • Residential treatment facility
  • Intervention
  • 12-step program
  • Dual-diagnosis
  • Trauma therapy
  • Gender specific substance abuse treatment
  • Short-term rehabilitation
  • Long-term rehabilitation

Depending on the recovery road chosen, various programs will implement the following levels of treatment models:

  • Developing new living skills
  • Building motivation
  • Encouraging interpersonal skills
  • Understanding addiction urges
  • Coping with urges
  • Handling thoughts and behaviors
  • Learning relapse prevention tools
  • Embracing a healthy lifestyle

During treatment, a number of facilities Alive Recovery partners with will continue with an adolescent’s educational needs.  This may include private tutoring.

Teens, full of energy, will also be guided toward healthy physical activity, including the possibility of a meditation introduction.

While each program offers its own secure and structured environment to promote recovery, it also involves family members through reintegrating preparation.

Sobriety is achievable through commitment and hope.


Begin a new life with Alive Recovery…

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