Alive Recovery understands the severity of addiction.  Those battling alcoholism, drug abuse or both, turn to Alive Recovery when they need help because their bodies have become physically dependent on the substance abuse.

Rest assured, Alive Recovery has teamed up with the finest facilities across the nation to help clients restore their health with sobriety success.


We have helped those needing assistance with the following challenges:

  • Detoxification
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug Abuse

Detoxification, the first step, can be quite unpleasant if one tries to accomplish it on their own.  With Alive Recovery at a client’s side, we can help guide them to a treatment center to lessen those physical side-effects so they may begin their recovery journey.

The professionals we partner with create an individualized plan of care for each client.  Following a medical and psychiatric evaluation, a comprehensive treatment will be implemented so the healing can begin.


Generally, the following is applied in a treatment program:

  • Medication: This may either be for the short-term or for a longer period of time
  • Individual Therapy: Personalized and one-on-one therapy will help work through a client’s addiction history and develop strategies to avoid substance abuse triggers
  • Group Therapy: Backed by science and evidence-based proven methods, this therapy allows clients the opportunity to engage with others who have similar struggles, which fosters a supportive environment
  • Family Therapy: When recommended, family involvement is the next important step to the recovery program where members can mend unresolved issues and then move forward as a stronger unit
  • Experiential Therapy: An example of this category may include art, music, yoga, swimming, and animal therapy

Following treatment, continuing care is essential to long-term recovery.  A client’s healthcare team will help create the most effective level of outpatient therapy care to achieve optimal success.


Begin a new life with Alive Recovery…

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