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Alive Recovery is regarded nationwide in helping clients achieve recovery from alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and mood disorders.  Having teamed up with top-tier state licensed facilities around the county has enabled Alive Recovery to give its clients the healing care they deserve.

When Alive Recovery is by a client’s side, through commitment and hope, changing the course of their life becomes a brighter reality.  Anyone struggling with mental health challenges or addictions can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Alive Recovery is here to help.

Alive Recovery has partnered with more than 40 regarded state licensed facilities across the nation.  While each center affords its own specialties, this allows Alive Recovery to find the best tailored program for its clients.

With empathy at the forefront, Alive Recovery will help find the right treatment center for those needing a compassionate “helping hand.”

Our mission is to help clients attain lifelong recovery through finding the right multidisciplinary clinical and result-driven approach.  We locate residential treatment centers or intensive outpatient treatment programs which provide a supportive environment by compassionately guiding individuals through their recovery journey.

While the first step toward recovery may be the most challenging, Alive Recovery will ease someone into the journey so they can concentrate on achieving their optimal health and wellness goals.

Clients discover new hope realizing they can free themselves from the bonds of addiction and/or debilitating mood disorders.

Through the emotional growth journey, individuals feel healthier, recognize a stronger self-confidence, and emerge with a new purpose for living. The destructive behaviors which once controlled their lives become a distant memory with each passing day.

The goal of recovery is finding the best treatment options, environment settings, and genuine care in a peaceful and healing setting.

Making this important call is the first milestone.

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